Seeing Results From Barre

January 12, 2014

I have to admit, it wasn’t easy for me to put these pictures up. Even though there is an improvement and I am loving how I look, it is difficult to see what I looked like. I really did not see myself as being THAT big. I remember going out for special occasions and thinking I looked amazing. Then later seeing a picture of myself and feeling so disappointed.

But lets not dwell on the past! Let’s focus on how I got to where I am today! How did I trim down so much in three months? Barre is the answer. I started teaching 5 barre classes a week. This is truly a fat burning workout and I am the proof! As I mentioned in an earlier post, at the end of class I find myself very hungry. I did not know this before, my friend who is a nutritionist informed me that this means my metabolism is getting a boost.

Now this means I need to get more organized to make sure I have healthy foods available during the day. I find it easy to turn to fruit – prepackage and easy to eat. Turns out I am not great at being that disciplined with making and packing a lunch everyday. Which in the past would have meant that I am hitting a drive thru for food. Instead I head to the grocery store and the market. There I am able freshly made food. One of the markets even sells hard boiled eggs that I can add to a pre-made salad. So far it’s working!

I would probably see better results if I was more disciplined with my diet. I still enjoy pizza night, I won’t turn down dessert and will always enjoy a glass of wine or two. There are some sacrifices I will make, but I don’t want to feel like I am always sacrificing. So instead I see it as choices. I actively choose what I consume, without regret and never feel guilty when I make unhealthy choices.

It’s time to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff!