Private Sessions

In a private session you work one on one with an Instructor to achieve your personal goals.Each session focuses on your personal needs and limitations, providing a tailor made workout. With private sessions you have the flexibility to book your workout when it is convenient for your schedule. Each session is 55 minutes.

    • 1-9 Sessions    $80/session
    • 10-19 Sessions   $75/session
    • 20+ Sessions  $70/session

JumpStart Program

The JumpStart program is a great way to get started in a Pilates program. You can uses these sessions to prepare you to join classes or to JumpStart your fitness routine. To achieve results we recommend practicing Pilates a minimum of 3x  week. This JumpStart program provides an affordable way to get in more than once a week and really get the most out of your Pilates experience. 5 sessions must be completed in 3 weeks, sessions expire 3 weeks from the first scheduled session date . Each session is 45 minutes.

  • 2 Sessions/week for 4 weeks $275

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