New Year Resolution Success

The New Year Resolution usually is the beginning of failure, according to a Time magazine article only 8% are successful at achieving their Resolutions. It is a lot of pressure we put on ourselves and usually we pick habits that are hard to break. The key to success this year is to keep it small, have a plan and don’t get down on yourself when you deviate from your plan.

Whatever your resolution is start by figuring out how you can achieve it then work backwards. Break down your end goal into monthly increments and set monthly goals for yourself. It took you a while to develop the habit, it will take you a while to break free from it. By the end of the year you should see success.

Recruit a cheering section. Get friends and families involved to help you achieve your goals and/or work with a professional. Having others support and encourage you will help you succeed. Accountability will help when you are wavering and thinking about “cheating”.

If your goal is to loose weight, keep the amount you want to loose small and attainable. Your first step to weight loss is your diet and it’s simple, cut out processed foods, pop (diet pop too) and watch your portion sizes. Dieting will not work long term, all you have to do is make healthier choices. Success lies in making a life style change. This is not a temporary commitment, or a sacrifice. Check out our nutrition blogs for tips and recepies.

Exercise should be your second priority. If you do not currently exercise find something you enjoy doing. Scheduling your workouts help, and having a friend to do it with will also ensure you keep to your plan. It is so easy to find excuses not to exercise, so having someone who is expecting you will keep you from cancelling. The best result from exercising is an increase in energy. There will be days where you will dread the thought of working out, but I guarantee you will not regret going – you will feel better and each week it will get progressively easier. To see the best results you should exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. Work your way up to that.

Stay away from the scale. This will only frustrate you. It takes time to see results on the scale. Focus on how you are feeling and how your clothes are fitting.

Whatever you want to achieve in 2015, improving yourself should be a positive thing.  We are here to support and help you achieve your goals. We have an 8 week Healthier You Challenge, email us for details. Let us know what your resolution is and we will be here for you!

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2015!