NES Program

Nourish. Empower. Strengthen

Being healthy seems to be a challenge these days.  We all know the struggles and obstacles to living a truly healthy lifestyle. For some of us it comes easy, for the rest a little guidance is all you need. The NES program was developed to help participants build healthy habits. You do not need to sacrifice to make changes.

This is NES
This is NES
Choices, not sacrifice

This before and after picture is the visual description of the NES program. The number on the scale did not reflect the differences you see between these two pictures, however the results out weighed what the scale reported.

Leading up to August 2013, the focus was on improving nutrition. Not dieting, just making healthier choices. In July of 2013 Kristy increased her exercise routine. In August Kristy started doing barre classes 3 – 6 times a week. That’s all, eat better and exercise more. So easy and yet it took 9 years for Kristy to make it happen.

The person on the left was tired all the time. Exercise was a chore and for 9 years every Monday morning, Kristy was going to turn things around. Eat better, make time to exercise. Big plans every Sunday evening that inevitably would fail. A busy day would bring her to a drive thru instead of a packed lunch and once the battered chicken sandwich hit her lips, all plans were off. “What’s the difference? I mine-as-well eat that donut in the break room.”

The person on the right now has more energy. She make the healthiest choices when eating, and sometimes the best choice for her is maybe not the healthiest, but it does not mean the failure of the big healthy plan. She owns her choices.

sustainable changes

There is now an entire industry dedicated to helping people loose weight. Unfortunately, this has put exercise under the weight loss category and nutrition has been replaced by diets. There are programs that promise big changes in just weeks, days even. What you don’t see is the after the after photo’s. Many of these programs are intense and hard to maintain. Most gain back their weight. This program is designed to ensure long term success. Slow and steady wins the race!

The NES program is not about weight loss. This program is about improving your health and well being. Doing exercises that benefit your body by improving mobility and strength. Example meal plans will be provided and you will have access to a private Facebook page with resources and guidance. You will work with Katherine, a Kinesiologist and Nutritionist. She will be your coach and help you achieve your goal. Our goal is to build health from the inside out.

Session starting September 19

Next session will be January 2017 (date TBA) or 519-200-7062