Keeping a Food Journal = Success

Friday, 10 August 2012

Falling off the wagon…

I’ve gotten a bit off track this week. I stopped keeping a food journal during my holidays last week. I figured that my diet was set, and that there was no need to keep track of everything – WRONG! Without tracking my organization has also gone out the window. I haven’t been planning my meals, which means I’m not eating well and going for more convenience processed foods AND there’s no record. Nothing to hold me accountable! … Except this blog and knowing that measurements will be taken – people are going to find out!

Food journals are weight loss 101. Dr. Oz tells us to use them, every nutritionist will recommend it…but why? A study in the US followed 1800 men & women over 6 months and found that those who kept a food journal lost 50% more weight than those who did not. Just like writing this blog, the food journal holds you accountable, helps you self manage and assess what, when and why you are eating. You think twice before you eat when you have to write it down.

Why is loosing weight so hard, when gaining it was soooo easy??