I’m a Lucky Lady

Monday, 25 June 2012

What a wonderful weekend I had, as I had expected! I am a very lucky lady. First, I have a beautiful group of girlfriends – both outside and in. I enjoyed a relaxing weekend with Jenn (our hostess), Robin, Renee and Tara up at Port Bruce. Second, I am lucky because I have a husband that not only is supportive, but is fully capable of and enjoys being on his own for the weekend with our girls. I know there are women out there that cannot get away because they do not have that kind of support and confidence in their partner. I am truly grateful!

To most our weekend would probably appear boring – but to 5 busy moms, it was heaven. We took care of each other, each time one of us got up, the rest benefited either with a snack or fresh drink. Majority of our time was spent sitting and chatting – we all agree that we could be together for 4 weeks straight and not run out of topics. Our weekend together was so good for our minds and souls, we make each other laugh and feel good about ourselves. As my mime (grandmother) always used to say – “it’s good to laugh!”

We drank (moderately) and enjoyed treats, but I do not feel like I completely abandoned my health goals. It was a well balanced weekend. Our snacks were not the healthiest – but our meals were. We walked each day, and with each walk had to battle a very steep hill to get back to the cottage. Walk  1 – I could not talk as I struggled up the hill feeling the weight of gravity pulling me back down. By our 4th trek up the hill on Sunday, I was starting to feel my stride and able to get out more than one word answers as we walked and talked. It felt so good, each time I made it to the top was a victory! It also really reinforced my need to up my cardio – get my hart rate up regularly. So – I am carrying over my goal from last week, to get out and walk 3x this week – now that I’ve jump started my cardio over the weekend.

After a great relaxing weekend, I am reminded that leisure time is very important, especially with dealing with stress. We get so busy with everyday activities that we always put our needs last. Then there is also the guilt factor. Even though I have an amazing Husband who is my youngest daughters hero, she still cried as I left, which broke my heart. Getting a break has given me new energy, I feel refreshed and ready to get back at it. Mom’s, weather you work in the home or out, you need to take time to recharge and take car of yourself. You will be a better mom for it.

Thank you my girls for another great weekend!