Holiday Survival Guide

My goal over the last 3 years was to maintain and not gain 5-10 lbs. As you know Troy is a talented chef and baker, which makes this goal even harder when everyday seems to revolve around eating.
We have 3 big meals over the Holidays. Christmas Eve Troy usually makes something decadent – beef bourguignon, beef tenderloin, risotto… my mouth is watering thinking of it. Then on Christmas Day we always make a big brunch with an egg dish and pancakes or french toast, something requiring maple syrup. Then for Christmas dinner a traditional Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. Essentially for 24 hours straight we don’t stop eating, then add to that alcohol and my goal is deeply challenged!

Surprisingly I have been able to achieve my goal. Why is that? Pretty simple I take a page from the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.
Plan your meals. If you are going to be eating a big dinner, go light at lunch and load up on veggies.
2. Eat before the party. Have a healthy snack before you leave the house so you don’t arrive at the party hungry. This will help you stay away from over indulging.
3. Eat good quality food. Go decadent, but use the best ingredients possible. Have chocolate, but make it the highest quality.
4. Make as much from scratch as possible.
5. Enjoy your meals. This is a festive time, eat for pleasure, eat without guilt and don’t see your indulgence over the holidays as a set back.
6. Keep hydrated. Get your water in during the day. So often we have a full day before we get to the party, we forget to eat and drink our water. This will help the with alcohol and to curb your appetite.

Now, I know there is more than surviving the holidays than just watching what you consume. It really amazes me how stressful such a fun time of year can be. The shopping, dealing with crowds, the pressure to meet everyones needs. So how do we deal with this?? I suggest you go back and review some of our previous conversations:
1. Take time to take care of yourself. You have time in your day, you just have to allow yourself at least 30 minutes to do something good for yourself. We have classes running right up to Christmas Eve.
2. Meditate – use bed time as your serenity time. Focus on your breath, and allow your body to relax from head to toe.
3. Don’t try to be Wonder Women. You cannot control everything and that is ok, remind yourself of that. Control what you can and let go of the rest.
4. HAVE FUN! Enjoy every second. Laugh, eat, drink and indulge!