Stott® Pilates is one of the safest and most effective Pilates methods, combining the modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Their education program is the best in the Pilates Industry. Stott® education focuses on biomechanics and anatomy, to ensure those who are certified instructors are able to provide each and every client a safe and effective Pilates experience. Certified instructors must continue their education in order to maintain their certification.

Pilates focuses on a mind-body connection, using imagery, verbal queues and tactile queues to help you achieve the most out of your workout. Everything we do in a Pilates class can and should be used in other fitness activities you participate in to ensure you do them safely.

Pilates is a great way to tone and strengthen. Pilates can also be a great way to help recover from an injury. We can work with your health care practitioner to help recover with strength and support any therapy you are receiving. We strongly recommend that you work one on one in Private Sessions if you have injuries, are pregnant, or have any physical limitations. This will ensure your experience is safe and tailor made just for you and your needs.

Each class is 55 minutes.

MATWORK: Classes on the mat use props and your own body weight to to provide a great workout. This is a great core workout and a great way to master the fundamentals of Pilates. Matwork is great for all fitness levels. We offer beginner level and intermediate level classes. How intense the workout is, is up to you.

REFORMER: A reformer class is conducted on a Pilates machine and uses spring loads to provide resistance. This is a great full body workout, still focusing on core strength with the addition of a more intense strength training.

CARDIO-TRAMP: Also known as Jumpboard, the difference is in the board. Instead of the traditional hard board the Cardio-Tramp is a trampoline. This versatile tool provides a soft landing surface and allows for plyometric activity for extended periods of time, increasing workout potential for all exercisers – from post-rehab to elite athletes. These classes provide calorie-burning cardiovascular conditioning.

The following Five Basic Principles form the foundation of the method from which Stott® Pilates education and all of their programming is developed. Whether performed on a mat or on specialized equipment, application of the following biomechanical principles will ensure the realization of maximum benefits from Pilates exercises:


    • Breathing
    • Pelvic placement
    • Rib cage placement
    • Scapular movement
    • Head & cervical spine placement

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