Barre Anywhere

That’s right! You can do barre just about anywhere. All you need is a railing or counter top, music and enough space to swing your leg. I’ve even used the back of a chair and water bottles as hand weights. The hard part is remembering what to do. Hopefully I can help with this short routine.

First put on some music that makes you want to move. The music is key to keep you motivated. You can also use each song as your time measure. Usually a song is between 3-5 minutes.Start with a warm up. Move the arms and legs to get the blood flowing, arm swings with a knee bend are a great way to get started. Side lunges with your arms up in line with your shoulders, feeling a reach from side to side will also do the trick.

First leg series; side legs. Stand with one had on a counter top or railing the other hand on your hip, as you reach your outside leg to the side bend toward the counter. Once you feel stable in this movement add the arm swing to it. Next hold your leg in the air and do some knee pulls to the side, pulling your elbow to your outside knee. Finish with a standing clam, knee bent and held out to the side. Rotate at the hip joint turning your knee to the floor then back up to the ceiling, just be sure your hole body is stable and not moving with the knee. Do each of these movements for 12-20 reps, then switch to the other side.

Then go into your second leg series, Plie squats with calf raises. Stand facing the counter, hands are gently on top for balance. Do each movement a minimum of 12x. Start with your feet together, then turn your toes out to the sides – making sure the turnout comes from the hip, so your knee follow your toes. Then hold your toes out to the side and go into calf raises, lifting your heels off the floor. After a min of 12 reps, hold you heels up and go into your Plie Squats, keeping your back straight as you come up think of squeezing your inner thighs and glutes and keep your heels at the same height as you squat.  Then do your calf raises and squats in a wider stance, just past hip distance.

Finish up with standing push-ups. Stand with both hands on the counter and step back so you are reaching forward. Position your hips so you are in a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. Hands should be in line with your shoulders. The rest is up to you. Bend the elbows so your whole body (not just your chest) comes closer to the counter, then push away – you decided how challenging this is. Doing it slowly can intensify it. Try with your hands close together and elbows pointed to the floor to get your triceps. You can even add a knee bend in between.

Make sure you stretch out your body after to cool it down. Your body will tell you where you need to stretch. You can also add an ab series on the floor with sit ups or plank. This whole routine should take you about 15-20 minutes. Then you are good to go!

Contact us if you run into troubles or not sure about the movements. We are here to help!