Tessa Cinelli Testimonial

Mary Ott

“I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for over three years. I’d tried weekly massage and and chiropractic treatments, pain shots and prescription anti-inflammatories, even acupuncture. The various treatments I tried provided short term pain relief but never resolved the problem. I’d also been given exercises by a physiotherapist, but it was hard to keep at them on my own. A friend referred me to Kristy, and I started doing very basic pilates with her once a week, gradually building on a solid foundation. Six months into working with Kristy, I’ve been able to stop taking medication, and notice that the injury to my shoulder rarely flares into my neck anymore as Kristy is teaching me how to use my core muscles to support my body. She watches me carefully as I work out, constantly correcting and making sure I am not re-injuring myself. I’ve worked out with lots of personal trainers, and Kristy’s knowledge and results are exceptional – my body doesn’t just look better, it feels better!”
July 21, 2014



19 Sep, 2014